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A New Home. Moving Away From Medium

I love Medium. I really do.

It has given me an amazing platform over the past few years to share my ideas with others. I only had to think about putting my words down. Medium, regularly provided 20-30% of traffic to my articles. I have over 8800 followers on there. I wouldn’t be the writer I am today without Medium. As I am shifting gears however, I’m looking to expand beyond Medium, for various reasons.

I am going to write a lot more and with that I need a space where I can experiment. I want to categorize more effectively, and also have control over my layout. I plan to write more books, and it feels like it might get lost in Medium’s layouts. I want to be able to guide readers through some of my writing.

I want to continue building a community. Medium isn’t a great place to have discussions. You can only respond to an article. I am adding disqus to bring back discussions to my blogs. I hope to include guest writers.

I want to have control over my data. Medium has been shifting gears and it is just not known whether they are profitable. It worries me as they are shifting the sands around. Their curator system also changes. Previously, articles didn’t have to be behind the paywall in order to be shared more widely within Medium. They have the right to do what they want, but I don’t know what the future of Medium will look like.

I can’t get paid. I live in South Africa and can’t get access to their creator program. It’s of no use to me.

A fresh start always provides new inspiration. Even though it might not be the case, a less loud corner of the web allows me to keep being weird, and write whatever I feel like. It is first and foremost my home. Creating and taking care of this home will make me more comfortable to write more. A massive inspiration is: Venkatesh Rao’s recent experimentation in blogchains (yes, BLOGchains) are inspiring. I want more freedom, and if it’s my home, I can do with it what I want. There’s a sense of peace. Medium feels like a soap-box.

That being said: I still aim to support Medium. What they have done for writing on the web has been really commendable. I still enjoy opening up Medium and finding new articles to read. I will still sometimes cross-publish articles on Medium if I feel it fits the audience.

I am going to be moving over some Medium articles over the next few days and weeks to fill up the archives.

I am excited! Welcome.