About me

I’m a creator, learning to tell stories.

Currently: Exploring rabbit holes. Tinkering.

I code:

A full-stack developer. Coded games in high school, websites in university & blockchains since 2013.

I co-designed the ERC20 Ethereum Token standard.


I write:

I share ideas & write on life. Learning to write more.

2019 -> 2019: here.
2015 -> 2019: http://medium.com/@simondlr
2012 -> 2015: http://simondlr.tumblr.com/archive [tumblr]

Short Stories: https://stories.simondlr.com/

Wrote two book drafts about blockchain technology in 2014/2015, but never published it. Still available to read online: https://github.com/simondlr/computingcommons

I make music.

Generally electro-pop.


I make art.


I take photos.

Learning to tell stories with my Ricoh GRII.


I research.

I pioneered the field of Curation Markets & invented the token bonding curve. Generally my passion in research lies in understanding how economics, technology & people work together to coordinate.