This Artwork Is Always On Sale

TAIAOS is a unique, rare digital artwork that is always on sale. It can bought at any time by anyone, because the owner must always specify a price they are willing to sell it at. Through this always-on auction, it supports the artist by requiring the owner to pay a 5% pa patronage towards the artist at their self-specified price. If the owner does not pay required patronage, it can be foreclosed by a digital steward for safekeeping.


Radical Markets In The Arts

We've all been there: finding ourselves lost past midnight reading a new book, tearing up, watching an Oscar-winning movie & indulging in the ecstasy of a new melodic hook. The arts are important to all of us. Exploring how we can fund & create new markets in the arts will not just allow humanity to experience more of the meaningful moments attached to it, but also be an imperative for where we are headed as a society.